What do Dorothy Morrison, David Maloney, Faith Petric, Filmore Slim, Jon Fromer, Dave Lippman, Gary U.S. Bonds, The Temptations Motown Review, John Sebastian, John McCutcheon, Kathy Mattea, S.F. Bay Area Blues Society Caravan of All-Start, Tom Dundee, Sukay, Jimmy Collier, Joe Louis Walker, Chuck Brodsky, Mitch Woods, Frankie Lee and Lucy Lee have in common?

Chet has performed with all of them and many, many others.


Chet and Friend

From Rock and Roll lead guitar in the 1960s, acoustic lead and rhythm from the 60s to the present, Folk, Rock, Gospel and Blues bass from the 70s to the present, Chet has been there through it all and, like some curmudgeonly “Energizer Bunny®”, is still rockin’ on.

Chet is also a seasoned recording engineer, sound man and CD producer.

Thanks to the magic of the loop pedal, Chet’s new single act combines his vocal skills with stellar guitar and bass playing. Don’t miss it!