House Concerts

HOUSE CONCERT (hows KAWN sert) n. (from T.R.Ritchie's guide)

  1. A live performance before an assemblage of music enthusiasts by a musical artist or artists in a private residence or equivalent setting, sometimes held in conjunction with other festivities, i.e. potluck supper, song circle or workshop/jam session.
  1. A unique opportunity to experience a favorite performer, up close and personal, without (excessive) musical amplification or other artificial barriers between the performer and listener.
  1. A superior alternative to those noisome, crowded, hard-to-get-to venues downtown.
  1. In rural and/or suburban communities, sometimes the only option for hearing live music locally at all.
  1. A lively, economical antidote for NEHAH (Nothing Ever Happens Around Here) Syndrome.

I have posted a collection of guides to hosting House Concerts.  There's a wealth of information in these guides.  If it's not enough, email me and I would be happy to help you put your House Concert together.

I can supply PA system(s) (up to 500 seats) and some stage lighting if desired to make your special night even more memorable.

House Concerts - from (8 pages)
One of the first folks to write a guide specifically for first-time house concert hosts.

Yes, you CAN put on a house concert! (22 pages)
Exhaustive treatise on just about every aspect of creating and maintaining a house concert series.

Bob Bossin's How to Put on the Perfect House Concert (5 pages)
Adds some additional information in a friendly, breezy manner.

Concerts In Your Home dot com - House Concerts Guide (22 pages)
Another exhaustive booklet on the subject.