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We're currently very active playing almost every week on the West Side of Hawai'i Island

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For more than you would ever want to know about Chet's "career" and for numerous recordings including the complete "Covid Years", Solomon and Chet, the Uncles (with Steve Kida), Mauka Soul and even some live stuff that goes as far back as 1970!  New buttons added for Andy Kimbel and Chet Gardiner page and David Rovics and Friends live performance video playlist.


How I spent my Covid-19 Spring - Summer - Fall of 2019 'Vacation'!

As co-editor and co-publisher of

Connecting the Dots,A Roadmap for Critical Systemic Change

In Connecting the Dots, systems researcher and ecopsychologist Dave Ewoldt uses his wide breadth of knowledge to examine the underlying causes of our current destructive status-quo, explain how and why a shift is possible, and provide us with numerous non-hierarchical tools that will help facilitate positive, powerful systemic change. His comprehensive framework for coalition building is based on the way natural systems function–because after billions of years of remaining in balance, Nature is the ultimate resource to support and guide our efforts toward a sustainable, life-supportive paradigm.


Check out the fabulous Hawai'ian sounds of West Hawai'i's own

Mauka Soul

We often appear in various formations on many Sundays (usually from Noon to 2pm) at the Pure Kona Market in Captain Cook, HI.

Across the street from the Manago Hotel in the Amy Greenwell garden site.

Solomon and Chet have RESUMED our wonderful 5 hour marathon gigs (9am to 2pm) including world class drummer Steve Kida at the Ho'oulu Market in the lawn near the Outrigger in Kailua-Kona - usually twice a month - every other week.

Sample video

Solomon and Chet - Halloween 2021 at Auntie Leona's Pure Kona Market

Solomon and Chet Pure Kona Halloween 2021

Your House Concert

You can host a Concert in your own home with Professional Musicians! Here's how!

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Chet Demo July 2017

Next Gigs!!

Pure Kona Market in Captain Cook

Every other week - usually noon to 2pm

Usually Kalima, Chet, Luis, John, Mo and Solomon!

Often other surprises.

This Outstanding market is held on
Fridays and Sundays from 9am to 2pm
Amy B. Greenwell Botanical Gardens at
82-6188 Mamalahoa Highway
Captain Cook, HI

Come for the music and enjoy the greenery!

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