Itinerary 2022

Day One: 5/28/22 - Portland To Crater Lake - Click to see map

(I was guessing that you're parked at Columbia River RV Park?  Correct?  Wrong?)

Day Two: 5/29/22 - Crater Lake to Ft. Bragg, CA - Click to see map

Day Three: 5/30/22 - Ft. Bragg to Big Sur via Steve Gardiner's House in Novato and maybe Bob Orban's House in Belmont - Click to see map

Day Four: 5/31/22 - Big Sur to Pasadena - Andy Kimbel's driveway and rehearse for tour - Click to see map

Practice a bit and thence to showcase at the Taylor Booth (I hope) at the NAMM SHOW - June 3 - 5: may have to bring my walker - he-he. It's HUGE!)

Then on to Tucson, Pheonix, LA again, someplace between LA and S.F. (San Luis Obispo?), Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Medford, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and wherever else we can catch a gig!

Gawd! The entire Freight and Salvage when I played it in 1972 was smaller than the stage at this new, 3rd, HUGE Freight and Salvage!  (1200 seats).  Holy sh*t - their HUGE new mortgage and taxes have cranked the ticket price from free to over $50 since 1972.

What cha' think?